Brief and “Bill of Particulars” Submitted 

Yesterday we submitted our first brief laying out our arguments against the City’s challenge to our petition. In addition to addressing the objections listed in the City Clerk’s August 4th certificate, the brief also vigorously counters the City’s attempt to have our case thrown out on a procedural technicality related to our initial court filing three weeks ago. It’s become clear over the last few weeks that the City is playing every card it possibly can, and then some, to keep us from appearing on the ballot. But so far, we’re standing tough, with the law firmly on our side.

Earlier today, we submitted our “Bill of Particulars” documenting 5,268 signatures wrongly invalidated by the City, which puts us well over the 30,000 mark. We anticipate the City will concede that we have enough valid signatures before the referee begins a line-by-line review of the disputed signatures. The line-by-line review has not yet been scheduled, but would likely begin late next week if the City does not concede.

Read the brief, accompany exhibits, and Bill of Particulars (please excuse any font formatting issues in the pdf). 

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the 20+ volunteers who came out to help with the signature review last week. This campaign could not have continued without you!

Going Forward

The City is required to respond with its own brief by next Thursday, September 4th. We will have the opportunity to respond by September 10th, and the City again by September 12th. The referee will make an initial ruling shortly thereafter, after which Justice Paul Wooten will hear oral arguments and issue a decision. An appeal by either side would happen during the last week of September, with October 3rd the final cutoff date for submitting items to the ballot.

The Closest We’ve Ever Been

This is, quite literally, the closest we have ever been to bringing about a new investigation into the collapse of WTC 7 and also passing law to ensure that any future high-rise collapses are properly investigated. There is much legal work left to do to make it all the way, and we can only afford to do it if we raise the final $7,500 in donations and $7,500 in matching funds. Please give what you can; your generosity is deeply appreciated.