Live nearby? We need your help!

Contact us to help out at the Board of Elections Tuesday, August 19 or Wednesday, August 20.

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We are now two days in to reviewing thousands of signatures wrongly invalidated by the City, and we are trying to finish the job by the end of Wednesday. To do that, we need your help!

If you live in or near NYC, and you have at least a few hours to spare between 9am and 5pm tomorrow or Wednesday, please join us! Simply reply to this email and let us know when you are available. We are working at the NYC Board of Elections office in Brooklyn at 345 Adams St. 4th Floor, just a block away from many subway lines including the 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, F and R lines.

Status Update on Our Case

We are currently in the process of reviewing 4,153 signatures that the City wrongly invalidated on the grounds that the voter did not write her or his registered address – even though the registered address is not required for the signature to be valid. As expected, we are finding that over 90% of the signatures marked “Wrong Address” are in fact from registered, qualified voters, which is enough to put us over the 30,000-mark even without reviewing thousands of signatures wrongly invalidated on other grounds. But we need your help to finish this review! Please volunteer to review signatures tomorrow or Wednesday. It’s easy and fun!

Once we have proven that we have over 30,000 valid signatures, the next step will be to defeat the City’s challenge to the petition’s legality. Our first brief is due next Wednesday, August 27. The City will respond with its brief one week later, after which we will have the opportunity to respond. The court-appointed referee will make an initial ruling on the petition’s legality, after which Justice Wooten will hear oral arguments and issue a decision around mid-September. From there either side may appeal. The cutoff date for the case to be decided is October 3, at which point we will all know if the High-Rise Safety Initiative will appear on the November 4th ballot. More info

Help Support Our Litigation

Because of the careful work and expertise that went into drafting the petition, as well as the excllent attorneys we have on our side, our chances of winning this case are strong. But we can only succeed if we raise enough funds to pay our legal fees.

Fortunately, a generous donor has pledged $15,000 in matching funds to match every dollar donated through the end of August. So far we’ve raised a third of our goal. If you want our petition to have the best representation in court, now is the time to give. Donate now.

We are deeply grateful for your support.