5 Quick Interior Refreshes That You Can Do In 15 Minutes

5 Quick Interior Refreshes That You Can Do In 15 Minutes

Entertaining guests is something that most homeowners look forward to. Preparing a sumptuous meal and hosting a party can be fun and exciting, given that you have time to prepare. But if unexpected guests announced that they will be at your doorstep in 15 minutes, you have no time to prepare your space.

But you don’t have to turn them down. Interior consultants in Dubai compiled a list of quick interior fixes that you can do to get your home ready for unexpected guests:

  1. Deal with the clutter first

The first thing that you need to deal with when an unexpected guest is visiting your home is the clutter. You need to ensure that the most visited place in your home is clutter-free and spotless. Usually, guests stay in the living room and the kitchen. So, before they ring the bell, be sure to sweep the clutter in high traffic places in your home and stash them to another room. Simply grab a bag and put all those unnecessary items away in the meantime and deal with them later.

  1. Replenish supplies in the powder room

Another space that is considered as one of the most visited places in your home is the powder room. After you are done with the living room, you can proceed to do some quick cleaning on your bathroom and replenish some of the supplies like the toilet papers, towels, and soaps. You can also throw out the trash and replace the trash bag. It might not be considered as a major interior fix, but a clean and well-stocked bathroom can make your guest feel comfortable and at home.

  1. Bring in the greens

When a visitor announced that he/she just in the neighborhood and wants to go pay you a visit, you will have no time to pick up some fresh blooms to make your space look and feel fresh. Design experts say that you can make do with the alternatives – bring in some of your potted plants from the garden. They might not look as extravagant as the usual flower arrangements that you order, but they can give your space a much-needed newness. You can also use some of your kitchen produce as a design accent. Grab a couple of fresh fruits and put them in a bowl. You can have a fruit centerpiece in a matter of minutes.

  1. Borrow accents from the other rooms

If you feel that you need to add some design accents in your living space, you can borrow some décor from your other rooms. An expensive looking throw and pillow can be an excellent design component of the space. But do not go overboard with it. Pick the most outstanding pieces that can serve as your design materials.

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