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Add Elegance to the Look of Your Home

Everybody loves a beautiful living space, whether it’s a bungalow, an apartment, a flat, or even a small house. However, having a beautiful looking home, especially the interiors, is not a pocket-friendly idea for the most of the people out there. This article will tell you how you can decorate the interiors of your living space on a small budget. What’s more, now you can hire professional companies to have a luxury interior design in Dubai.


Some of the top interior designers in the world spill the beans on their secrets to success in various blogs everyday and this is where we have collected the following points to decorate your home in a low budget.


  • Having a crown molding in the room makes it a great addition to the first look. It connects the ceiling with the walls in an elegant way but it is not a huge burden on your pocket.
  • The most important thing about designing a room is choosing its color and the paint. The color and the quality of the paint will decide how the room will eventually look like. You may go for bold and dramatic combination or replace any of them with some soft color or even some understated hues which add instant elegance to the overall ambiance.
  • Pillows provide an extra bit of comfort on the couch to your guests, but if you think hard they can be a great source of adding elegance to the overall look of the room. Soft pillows that are large enough to rest on go perfectly in any room environment.
  • Window treatments are a must-have for anyone who is up to redesigning his room to make it more elegant. The window treatments also add to the privacy quotient of the whole scheme of the room.
  • Try and find heavy-duty, expensive-looking but inexpensive drawer knobs and pulls to give your room a unique look. You can find these drawer knobs in the local smaller hardware stores, antique shops, or even n the flea markets.
  • Lighting is as important as the color of a room for creating a magical ambiance. You may opt for designer light fixtures to replace the ones fitted by the contractors.
  • Now this is a very important point. Many people cover the floors with carpets which eventually becomes the very reason of allergy-related medical conditions. Moreover, they don’t leave a lasting impact. The interior designers suggest replacing carpets with flooring ideas which look far more attractive and elegant.


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