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Benefits and drawbacks of tiles

This article will tell what tiles is and will then explore the benefits and drawbacks of tiles.

You might know what tiles but it is a possibility that you are not aware of the benefits and drawbacks of tiles. So, if you ever plan to have tiles on your floors, this article will help you to decide.

What are tiles?

Tiles are basically narrow and fine objects that comes in either square shape or rectangular shape. A tile is made up of objects such as ceramic, metal, stone, clay, etc. The purpose of using tiles is to cover the floors, ceilings, walls, etc.

What are the benefits of tiles?

Following are the benefits of tiles.

Inexpensive: Okay, so people usually go for things that are inexpensive. Why don’t you go for tiles then? Yes, tiles are inexpensive and you can easily afford them. If you talk about the types of tiles, then you should go for ceramic tiles as they are the most inexpensive.

Durable: Tiles are durable and can resist wear and tear. Also, tiles have a long life so you don’t have to worry changing your flooring every now and then.

Maintenance: The maintenance of tiles is quite easy. Tiles need just a little bit of cleaning. You will have to apply cement after every three to four years. Other than that, there is nothing you have to do.

What are the disadvantages of tiles?

Following are the disadvantages of tiles.

Cold: The surface of the tiles is cold. It is bearable in summers but when winters come, it gets hard to bear especially for people who have floor sittings in their homes.

Breakable: Tiles are breakable and of course this is not good. If a hard item falls on the tiles, it would have a crack on it or break immediately. There are times when you have to get a new tile and this could be difficult because you might not find the same tile.

Slippery: The tiles are slippery and it isn’t good if you have children because they would slip and hurt themselves.

What are the features of porcelain tiles?

  • A porcelain tile is resistant to dirt
  • A porcelain tile is resistant to stains
  • A porcelain tile is resistant to skids
  • A porcelain tile is very clean and neat
  • A porcelain tile have permanent colors

So, if you want to avail these features, find a porcelain tiles supplier in Dubai. To know about kerasan bathroom floor, check their website.