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What are the key components of a solar panel?

Increasing threats of global warming made scientists reconsider the use of heavy amounts of fossil fuels to fulfill energy requirements of the world. Using environment friendly energy generation sources opened doors for a number of new technologies for the production of energy. One of the most popular green energy sources today is the solar power energy generation system. In this energy generation system, direct sunlight is used as the primary source of power generation. Solar panels which consists upon a number of solar cells play the vital role in the solar power energy generation process. Knowing the importance of green energy generation to protect environment, it is important to know about what solar panels are and how they work.

If you will go to the market, you will find a number of companies offering solar panels in Dubai these days. For those who are not yet failure with this technology and are clueless about the benefits of solar panel energy generation, the following information will prove to be very helpful for better understanding of this technology.

What is a solar panel?

In simple words a solar panel is a set of a number of solar cells connected with each other using various supporting components for the purpose of generating adequate amount of energy using sunlight as primary source.

Key components of a solar panel

Solar cell: Solar cell is the most important component of a solar panel as it generates electricity using direct sunlight. Although the amount of energy that is generated by an individual solar cell is typically very low. This is why these solar cells need to be connected together to create a solar panel for sufficient energy generation.

Protective glass: As the name suggests it is used to protect solar cells from damage.

Frame: Frames are used to provide support to the arrays of solar panels for the effective power generation.

Back sheet: Before installing solar cells to a solar panel a back sheet is placed to provide base for the solar cells. Back sheet provide extra support to solar cells so that they could be installed properly on the frames.

Junction box: Junction boxes are used to connect wirings of all the solar cells to pass on the produced energy for consumption or storage.

Encapsulant: Encapsulant are basically used as an adhesive for the solar panel. They effectively enclose solar cells as an extra protection layer.

If you are planning to build a solar panel on your own, you can check here for more information to get more help in this regard.