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Simple Parenting Strategies For Kids With ADHD

Kids are known for their outrageous behavior. They tend to get aggressive and have trouble sitting still from all the excitement of playing and exploring their environment. However, children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) tend to go beyond the normal level of excitement. Sometimes, it become too much for the parents.

Aside from undergoing ADHD treatment, here are some parenting strategies that can be applied to help kids with ADHD:

  • Be patient


Kids with ADHD can be hyperactive and will constantly blab or talk to others, especially to their parents and guardians. At times, this can be overwhelming for parents. But parents need to be patient with their kids and be on top of the situation. One thing that they can do is to allot positive play time to lessen the attention-seeking behavior of kids suffering from ADHD. 15 minutes of positive attention can help divert your kid’s energy to something productive and positive.


  • Provide effective instructions


Children with ADHD have a short attention span as opposed to other kids. This can be a problem when providing instructions and directions. But the key here is to tweak the instructions in a way that kids with ADHD would better understand. This can be a trial and error phase for parents as they need to determine what would work for their kids. Mental professionals with experience in ADHD treatment and hypnotherapy Dubai can help parents formulate the best way to deliver instructions to kids suffering from ADHD.


  • Acknowledge good behavior


Positive reinforcement is a good way to manage a kid with ADHD. But experts also warn parents of going overboard with the reward system. What they recommend is to praise good behavior in specific details. For instance, instead of just saying, “Very good”, be more detailed like, “Great job on finishing this task.”


  • Provide breaks


Children with ADHD have boundless energy. They can run and play for hours without getting tired. Although it may seem that they are tireless, experts advise parents to provide short breaks to calm their kid’s body and mind. Time outs are important, especially if the kids feel overstimulated and frustrated.


  • Be firm when you discipline


Like other kids, children suffering with ADHD need to be disciplined. But you need to be clever in imposing disciplinary actions to kids with ADHD. In most cases, parents experience constant nagging from their kids to get what they want. As much as you want to entertain their blabbing and nagging, be firm in ignoring their request. It would teach them that this kind of behavior will not help them get what they want.