5 Ways To Fine Tune Your PPC Campaign

5 Ways To Fine Tune Your PPC Campaign

Running a pay-per-click campaign is considered as one of the fastest ways to drive sales to your brand. Most of the time, this strategy is used to promote discounts, promos, and boost sales of a particular product and services.

But running a PPC campaign is more than just making your ads appear on top of the ad placement. In fact, PPC and SEO consultants allot time to check and recheck their strategies. If you feel that you are behind the PPC game, here are some fine-tuning strategies that can help you get back on track:

  1. Check your ad copies

Your ad copy is an essential part of your PPC campaign. Those simple but powerful words can spell the success or failure of your strategy. It would be best to do an audit on the words and phrases that you are using. Be sure to use the extensions so you can add more information about your ads. And lastly, try the new ads format to maximize the characters.

  1. Improve your bidding strategy

Your strategy in your cost-per-acquisition (or per-action) can affect your campaign budget and campaign performance. Apart from reviewing and doing audits on your ad copies, you need to check your bidding strategy in terms of CPA performance. You may need to go back to the hard facts and data at hand to see how you can improve your bidding strategy.  PPC experts suggest to decrease bid for non-converting phrases, as well as terms with high CPAs.

  1. Fine-tune your target audience segment

What some PPC strategists do when they are running a campaign is to set parameters for a generic target audience then tweak them as they go along, until they can come up with a specific audience profile. This can take long and you might be wasting your ad budget for nothing. It would be best to create a profile of the target audience first instead of using generic parameters.

  1. Run another keyword research

Using the same keywords over and over again can lead to campaign exhaustion and high CPC. You need to build your keyword list from time to time so you can widen your scope in terms of ad placement.

  1. Know how to operate the dashboard

Google is always updating their services, including their product’s dashboards. Be sure to keep an eye on these changes so you can fully maximize the dashboard to your advantage. You need to familiarize yourself with the functionality and how you can use the new features to improve your campaign.

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