Second Hand in Dubai

It might sound strangebut there are a lot of second hand shops in Dubai. It wasn’t like that till the economy crisis broke out. That was the moment when many people lost their jobs and money, even in Dubai. It is fair to say that the crisis wasn’t evident in UAE as in some other countries, but it was happening there too. Also, it is absolutely wrong to think that all the people working and living in Dubai are rich. That is not the case. More than 68% of people live on salary that is below average.  But these people who are not rich need to buy clothes for themselves and their children too. They will surely not go to the molls down town, but they will still know exactly where to go.

Dubai is the city of fancy molls and boutiques, perfumes, exclusive hotels and designer clothes. Everybody there wants to wear nice things. Even the people who don’t come from oil magnate families. That is how some smart people decided to start second hand shop businesses. These kind of shops are a common thing in big cities of Europe, USA, UK, France, Italy and others… There are two ways of running a second hand shop: people can come to your boutique and sell you some of the clothes and accesorise they want to use anymore or you import the clothes that’s been worn from America or Europe.

Most of Dubai’s second hand shops import designer clothes, check if they are in a normal condition, dry-clean it, and put them in a window. This is the city with many business men and women who rush to meetings every day and it is reasonable that they need to change their shirts and suits and skirts every day when they go to their jobs. Owners of the second hand shops say that business ladies make the majority of customers. And the woman who purchase second hand clothes say that they are more than satisfied with it; they get designer clothes for very low prices (from 1 to 13 Dirhams) and the clothes looks like it has never been worn.

Some of the places in Dubai where one can get nice used things for very low amount of money are: iSell, where you enjoy the old city around you, get a shawarma from the next door if you get hungry while going through these pile of things, and most importantly – you can bargain for a long time till you get to the price you are willing to pay. PRIME Dubai is a form of event that takes place once in a month; it is oriented strictly to designer clothes. People come there to meat designers, talk business and of course – to buy designer clothes at much lower prices. There is also a Flea market, like in ever big and important city in the world. This market is not only about worn clothes, but about everything that you can imagine; handcrafts, computers and gadgets, furniture and homemade food. Flea market is moving all the time, so it is useful to check where it takes place that day when you decide to go. Happy bargain!