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How Pre-Schooling is Beneficial for Child Development

Every year is a learning curve in the lives of children. They are very keen to adopt different languages, behaviors, responses, and habits during the early days of their existence. Their abilities to learn are remarkably sharp in this phase. With proper guidance, and achievement-based educational system, they can be given better learning and development environment.

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and its other states and areas including Jumeirah international nursery standards are followed for early child education. The mission and vision of early child education is to equip a child with skills, knowledge, and character for becoming a better and a productive human being.

After evaluating different experts and teachers’ experiences, following points are gathered to identify essential benefits of pre-schooling and nurseries:

  1. Better Socialization: Many children are reluctant to shed their shyness, and due to the safe and the helpful home environment, they don’t really try to speak and involve with the other children. With the help of nursery education system, a child learns to socialize with others and enjoys playing with them.
  2. Sharing and Cooperation: Usually the eldest child doesn’t really cooperate in sharing his or her stuff with others, even with his siblings. Pre-schooling teaches a child to share and cooperate with others.
  3. Improvement in weak areas of child: Every child is special with some gifted skills and abilities. Nursery teachers are professionally trained educators who understand where the child is lacking and which skills are required to get polished. By providing individual attention and focus, they improve child’s weak areas.
  4. Learn New Things: Nursery encourages a child to learn new and different things. The child does not get stagnant on specific things but try to grasp new stuff, languages, tasks, and much more.
  5. Importance of Learning: With the help of life examples and stories, the child is encouraged to learn and understand the importance of education, and learning different skills.
  6. Admire and Respect: Many kids get jealous and get aggressive on other child’s success and achievements. Nursery education teaches a child to appreciate and admire others and give respect to elderly, same age and younger equally without any discrimination.
  7. Power of teamwork: nursery promotes teamwork and group efforts to create synchronization and cooperation between children. This helps them to be more supportive for the society.
  8. Flexibility and Resilience: By providing challenging environments and different activity based learning system, nursery teachers train a child to be more flexible and endorse new ideas to accomplish his/her task. They allow him/her to flay with his/her imaginations.
  9. Conceptual Learning and Concentration: A child might lose his interest very easily. With the help of conceptual learning and attention, teachers educate them how to complete the task without breaking the concentration.
  10. Self-Analysis and Confidence: A child starts understanding his/her own self, and tries to become better than others. His/her confidence will improve day by day when he learns something new, something different.
  11. Endurance: Patience and endurance are basic characteristics to become a good human being. Group learning helps a child to adopt serenity and be gentle with others.
  12. How to explain and deliver: Freedom of expression makes a child to express his feeling and thoughts which help them to understand more. The nurseries in jumeirah and other emirates preschools, teachers try hard to answer all the queries of children so they get encouraged to discover more.